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Fußball-WM und Soziologie.

Sunday, May 7th, 2006

Auf gibt es Informationen zur spannenden, von Sybille Frank und Silke Steets organisierten Ringvorlesung unter dem Titel stadionwelten. Wer Mittwochs in der Umgebung von Darmstadt ist, sollte den Abend im großen Hörsaal des Residenzschlosses verbringen – Ohren spitzen und Augen schärfen. (Freunde der Schriftsetzung können eine schöne ſs Ligatur genießen.)

Balcony and basketball.

Sunday, April 3rd, 2005

Yesterday Olli and I enjoyed our first breakfast. Complete with a wide selection of Greek cheeses, boiled eggs, a new cereal bought at Lidl around the corner. They are called Nougat Pillows – not as bad as I feared, but not convincing either. What I am really looking for is a cheap version of Toppas. Erm. Back to topic. Today we had another balcony breakfast, enjoyed the newly planted flowers, and the first sprouts on some of our long-time balcony inhabitants. Olli then insisted that we should play some basketball on the sports yard across the street. I was somewhat disinclined to involve myself in physical activity and hoped that we don’t have a working pump to bring the basketball into shape. However, Olli didn’t let himself be irritated by my lack of inspiration, found a pump, and off we went. Good decision. We had a fun time, I think I got a small sunburn in my face, and we met Esther, an FU direct exchange student from the Twin Cities with whom we played basketball for a while. This is what sports are for: Völkerfreundschaft! Now, I have emptied a big glass of banana shake, took a cold shower, and feel a bit creaky in the joints but nonetheless quite swell. A promising season has begun.


Thursday, January 6th, 2005

New year, first entry. Old Lars, new shirt and pants. Shirt navy-blue with narrow stripes in brigther hues of blue. Pants made of corduroy, some kind of almost black color. Lars made of more stuff than before, stuff that is lighter than water – stuff has accumulated over the holidays. Tomorrow, Lars in swimming pool. Guess why?

Quantity and Quality.

Monday, August 23rd, 2004

*climbs onto the soap box* I know that Quantity can turn into Quality, sure do I know that. Nonetheless, I am wondering if we get too see boring I can throw this discus 51cm further that you! or I can run one hundred meters 10 milliseconds faster than you! instead of the awsome women’s finals in diving because the free market values quantity (as in exchange-value) more than quality (as in use-value). Can anyone think of another reason? *climbs down again and walks off sadly shaking his head*

Ploughing through the Water.

Thursday, May 6th, 2004

1400m. Dolphin distance: 75m. My shoulder and back muscles: aching, sore, stiff.

Low price contest Berlin – Darmstadt.

Tuesday, May 4th, 2004

A single ticket for one of the public pools in Berlin is 4 €. However, they also offer an unbelievably great deal: 10 tickets for just 36 €! Isn’t that great? A single ticket for a public pool in Darmstadt is 2 € and 10 tickets for students are … tada! … 10 €! That’s a fair price.

With the price barrier being not existent here in Darmstadt I went swimming with Tina an hour ago. For the first time for several years I did some serious swimming. After 1200 meters strength and spirit left me though. And I did not manage to do the dolphin for more than 30 meters. Well, there we have a goal!

This wasn’t much of a contest so far, wasn’t it? Alas, typing is exhausting for the athlete.

Elk eggs.

Thursday, April 1st, 2004

I won’t be posting much for the next ten days or so. Going for a trip to Sweden, and after that Kerstin and I will spend a few days in the vicinity of Hamburg, collecting easter eggs, watching handball matches, stuffing our bellies, saunaing, and perhaps visiting the Wildpark Schwarze Berge. What an excellent prospect!

Fussball und Familie.

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003

Am vergangenen Donnerstag waren wir im Wunder von Bern – der Film schien dem ungewöhnlich gemischten Publikum in der Kulturbrauerei gut gefallen zu haben (mehr Familien und ältere/echt erwachsene Menschen als sonst in der 20:15 Uhr Vorstellung). Die Schauspieler machen ihre Sache gut bis sehr gut, die Mischung aus Sport- und Kriegsheimkehrergeschichte funktioniert auch, Kulisse und Ausstattung sind nett, es wird in angemessenem Maße auf die Tränendrüse gedrückt und sportliche Spannung gibt es auch. Insgesamt ein Film, den man nicht gesehen haben muss, der aber auch ohne weitere Bedenken von nicht-Fussballfans und nicht-Männern angeschaut werden kann.

Dieser Beitrag ist wieder mal unterwegs verfasst, deswegen keine Links…

Vacation and physical exercise? We play croquet.

Friday, July 11th, 2003

Plans for our collective trip to France are ripening. They are inspired by this beautiful page. You should really take a look at this page.
If you are interested in the rules of croquet, it’s history and such, check out this page. It is maintained by Dr. Ian Plummer, Oxford, UK. That should be enough of a recommendation.
The biggest questions for this year’s trip to France and the beautiful village of Pomy are: Will we have an adequate lawn? Will we have authentic equipment and, most important: Who will serve the Raffaelo?