Balcony and basketball.

Yesterday Olli and I enjoyed our first breakfast. Complete with a wide selection of Greek cheeses, boiled eggs, a new cereal bought at Lidl around the corner. They are called Nougat Pillows – not as bad as I feared, but not convincing either. What I am really looking for is a cheap version of Toppas. Erm. Back to topic. Today we had another balcony breakfast, enjoyed the newly planted flowers, and the first sprouts on some of our long-time balcony inhabitants. Olli then insisted that we should play some basketball on the sports yard across the street. I was somewhat disinclined to involve myself in physical activity and hoped that we don’t have a working pump to bring the basketball into shape. However, Olli didn’t let himself be irritated by my lack of inspiration, found a pump, and off we went. Good decision. We had a fun time, I think I got a small sunburn in my face, and we met Esther, an FU direct exchange student from the Twin Cities with whom we played basketball for a while. This is what sports are for: Völkerfreundschaft! Now, I have emptied a big glass of banana shake, took a cold shower, and feel a bit creaky in the joints but nonetheless quite swell. A promising season has begun.

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  1. Christian says:

    Lars, du er godt nok et unikum! Tillykke med den nye ‘Völkerfreundschaft’ og din optimistiske syn på verden. Den anmærkning kommer på dansk (hvilket jeg gå ud fra du vil forstår udmærket) fordi Maja og jeg skal til bryllup og efterfølgende ferie til Danmark til sommer. Claire skal giftes i Århus! Vi ses.>

  2. ozean says:

    fantastisk! kerstin ar i køpenhavn til mai og jeg vil besøker hun fra tid til tid. ses i danmark?!>

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