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Poor plants.

Tuesday, May 17th, 2005

I have wanted to move my trusty old cereus cactus to a new, larger pot for at least 10 years. I have this cactus (it is about two meters high) since sometime in the early eighties which means for more than twenty years. It has suffered many injuries, went through diseases, dismemberments, was infested by scales and generally not always treated very well. Nonetheless, it has survived and stayed with me, accompanying me through at least 10 different apartments, occupying sometimes nicer and sometimes more remote places in them. Now he’s getting a breath of fresh earth, water, air, and sun outside on the balcony. Good chap.
I also moved Junior, our small banana plant, to the now vacant pot which offers more space for Junior to spread it’s roots and develop into a huge tropical banana-bunches-bearing tree!

Citizen Frers.

Friday, March 19th, 2004

Being a good and honorable member of the residential community living in the Choriner Straße I did my duty today and cleaned the windows. Of course, it was sunny when I started cleaning, and cloudy when I finally finished… thus are the meteorological conditions that we have to live with. Now, if only the first sprouts would be discernible in our balcony plantation I would be a happier man.

Balcony Day.

Wednesday, March 17th, 2004

Ah, how wonderful – today we had temperatures above 20° Celsius. Kerstin and I had a very relaxing late breakfast on the balcony, then we both surfed the net a bit. (Today the first preview of the Norwegian browser Opera 7.5 for Mac OS X was published – I tested it for while and it is chugging along nicely and has some neat features. If it would be free I might have given more thought to actually using it.) After this trip into virtual space we returned to more serious matters and started to stick our hands into the earth of our balcony vegetation vessels. Now everything is fresh, some plants have already been sowed, and we are eagerly awaiting the appearance of the first sprouts. Oh what a day!

Spring waiting and ready to go.

Thursday, March 4th, 2004

Yesterday was a fine day with lots of sun – it was the first day of this year that allowed me to sit on the balcony and let the sun shine on my face. Well, things have changed again. Today the sky is cloudy, and temperatures were freezing during the night only reaching levels slightly above 0° C today. However, life is slowly finding its way back into the pots on our balcony and the first sprouts can be discerned. I am looking forward to the first real gardening activity of this year!>