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Saturday, September 18th, 2004

Last weekend I’ve been to my homestead Buchholz, where we had our annual graduation meeting (Abitreffen) – this time with the participation of two of our former teachers, which was really nice. After the meeting we spread out into the Buchholzer Stadtfest, trying to make the best of bad DJs and lackluster dance settings, and succeeding. After that I spent a few days in Kiel. The weather was most excellent: lots of wind and sun, and a short thunderstorm, all very matching to the coastal city style. The German Historian’s Conference was taking place there too, so I took the opportunity and listened to a few talks. Historians seem to be a bit older on average that sociologists, at least those that go to the biannual conferences of their respective discipline. Even more striking, though not particularly surprising, is that historians actually wear their name badges the whole time. Nerdy historians.

Neue Abi-Adressen – unverhofft kommt…

Monday, June 23rd, 2003

Na, dass war ja mal ne Überraschung. Bei meinen gelegentlichen Checks der AEG-Alumni Homepage bin ich doch glatt auf einen neuen Eintrag gestoßen. Wunderbar – das Projekt 10-jähriges Abijubiläum ist wieder etwas nähergerückt.