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Not too glamorous, not too moving.

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

The Oscars are over. We spent a long night in front of the TV, watching the same stupid commercials over and over again until it seemed that Pro 7 did not have any sponsors left so that they fell back on only sending commercials for their own products. I was actually very happy that Das Leben der Anderen won the Academy Award for best foreign movie – in my experience, it was the best movie of the past year. Although I have to admit that I have neither seen Clint Eastwood’s flicks nor Pan’s Labyrinth. It was a good movie season. The ceremony itself however, was not too exciting. Some nice dresses, a good life performance by the Dreamgirls singerettes, a great Forest Whitaker and, of course, a stunningly beautiful Cate Blanchett. For my taste there was much too much Al Gore embracing and too little of the heartfelt political critique as it was expressed by Chris Cooper when he won his award for best supporting actor a few years ago.

Pink Panther at Tiffany’s.

Tuesday, June 1st, 2004

Yesterday we saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s on TV – it is not only a romantic but also a seriously funny movie. Somehow I haven’t noticed this before knowing who the director is: Blake Edwards, who won this year’s Honorary Award Oscar. He is the director of many notoriously funny movies, including The Party and the Pink Panther series starring Peter Sellers. With that information in mind I paid more attention to detail while viewing this movie, making it an even better experience. Olli and I were planning to eventually host a Blake Edwards movie night party, which most certainly will be a big success.

Another nominee.

Monday, March 22nd, 2004

We were not really thorough in our preparation for this year’s Academy Awards – partly by choice, partly because not all nominated movies had been shown in Germany yet, and partly caused by lack of financial and temporal resources. For Seabiscuit both reasons number one and three are applicable. Nonetheless, we got it on DVD a few days ago, and proceeded to watch it without much hesitation. It was a nice enough experience. Some US American Pathos (including a interesting bow to Keynesian political economy), some typical sports movie features, but mostly a good story with really excellent actors. Tobey Maguire probably is my favorite youngish actor, while Chris Cooper has the incredible talent to play even very diverse and totally different characters in the most convincing manner. The screenplay is good and it seemed to refrain from overdramatizing the ‘true story’ of the horse Seabiscuit. It was a relief that they did not introduce some unhappy love affair or chilling crime story elements to pep up the story.
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We were not the only ones.

Wednesday, February 25th, 2004

This sunday Florian, Kerstin, and yours truly watched Cold Mountain. Why? Because it is nominated for several Oscars. Does that guarantee a good movie. No. I might not have gone to see it were it not for the cool evil albino bounty hunter type you can see in the trailer. Not going would have been the better decision. Bad script. Very bad script. With the exception of the battle in the first quarter of the movie, everything else was not at all intriguing. Formally nothing interesting and content-wise sometimes horrifying. People started to laugh during the closing scenes and when the main protagonists had their first (and only) erotic scene.