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Automatic Irritations.

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

Following is my abstract for the session Ordering / Disordering Space and Matter of the 2006 Meeting of the AAG, March 7-11, Chicago, Illinois.

Based on ethnographic research in railway stations and passenger terminals for ferries, this paper wedges itself between people and the things they encounter. Detailed analysis of digital video recordings allows insight into the brief exchanges between men, women and artifacts. Sometimes, these exchanges do not unfold as planned, irritations arise and expectations are thwarted causing a reordering of conduct. Artifacts like the ticket selling machine or the materiality of a revolving door can break established routines thereby opening spaces for play or interaction with others. Terminals with their ticket selling counters, their shops and waiting facilities are places of a distinct phenomenologically accessible materiality; this paper will get involved in this materiality, tracing the relations between people, things, and socio-spatial constellations to understand how the rule of a certain normality is established in terminals and when and how it is destabilized.

Geography, Chicago, and disorderly materialities.

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

Well, this is some of the best news of this year, I must say. After being reminded by Mr. Meier that there is a potentially interesting session at the 2006 Meeting of the AAG I wrote an abstract and applied for the session called Ordering / Disordering Space and Matter. Yesterday, I received the confirmation that my paper has been accepted… YAY!

I am so looking forward to being in Chicago again – I will be able to visit old pals in Bloomington again. I was hoping for an opportunity like that very much. And I must say that reading the other abstracts for this session was quite exciting. Very imaginative and captivating subjects – this will be an excellent session, I am sure. Counting the weeks until March next year…

Mit einiger Verzögerung.

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004

Den Text habe ich zwar schon im Mai geschrieben, und die Seite auch schon im Juni fertig gecodet, aber erst heute mache ich meinen Text zu den Begriffen Dinge und Materialität, Praxis und Perfomativität online verfügbar. Ich habe den Text im Anschluß an meine Präsentation im Graduiertenkolleg am 21. Mai geschrieben, um in der Diskussion aufgekommene Fragen zu klären und dem provisorischen und offenen Charakter der Präsentation noch etwas solideres folgen zu lassen. Bevor ich den Text ins Netz befördere wollte ich unter anderem noch Rücksprache mit meinem Betreuer und anderen halten; dies ist nun geschehen und jetzt solls endlich neue Inhalte auf meiner Seite geben!
In den nächsten Tagen werde ich auch den ersten Teil meiner Merleau-Ponty Verwurstung fertig geschrieben haben und ihn ebenfalls auf den Webserver hochladen.