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Ploughing through the Water.

Thursday, May 6th, 2004

1400m. Dolphin distance: 75m. My shoulder and back muscles: aching, sore, stiff.

Low price contest Berlin – Darmstadt.

Tuesday, May 4th, 2004

A single ticket for one of the public pools in Berlin is 4 €. However, they also offer an unbelievably great deal: 10 tickets for just 36 €! Isn’t that great? A single ticket for a public pool in Darmstadt is 2 € and 10 tickets for students are … tada! … 10 €! That’s a fair price.

With the price barrier being not existent here in Darmstadt I went swimming with Tina an hour ago. For the first time for several years I did some serious swimming. After 1200 meters strength and spirit left me though. And I did not manage to do the dolphin for more than 30 meters. Well, there we have a goal!

This wasn’t much of a contest so far, wasn’t it? Alas, typing is exhausting for the athlete.

It’s too darn hot.

Monday, July 21st, 2003

I want to apologize for the absence of posts during the last days. Right now my weather app reports 36° C. Kerstin and I are living a vegetable’s life here in southwestern Germany. However, yesterday we spent a very nice and refreshing afternoon at the Griesheim outdoor pool. After languishing a bit more here in the Arbeitsraum in Darmstadt, we’ll probably be back to the pool with a big *sigh* later today.
After that we’ll have a tête à tête barbecue with lots of cold beverages on our balcony… Hopefully we’ll have a big thunderstorm soon, things are really drying up. Especially those supposedly greyish and squishy things in my head.

What are you doing to cope with the heat? Any refreshing tips and strategies to offer?

35° Celsius?!

Wednesday, July 16th, 2003

Das sagt die Wettervorhersage für morgen. Kerstin, viel Spaßbei der Anreise im PKW… Ich war gerade im Woog (d.h. im öffentlichen Badesee hier) und werd mir nun mit einem meiner Mitbewohner zusammen eine Pizza gönnen. Bisher hatte ich noch keine einzige leckere Pizza hier in Darmstadt – vielleicht wird’s ja die Premiere, der Laden ist uns jedenfalls schon mehrfach empfohlen worden. Ich werde berichten. Und schwitzen.

A place of boiling heat and rattlesnakes.

Friday, June 13th, 2003

It’s too damn hot. Says Ella and she’s right. And we don’t even have time to go swimming. And the Woog’s (outdoor swimming pool/lake here in Darmstadt) temperature will probably be too high to be refreshing anyway. Therefore, I’ll try to doze through the afternoon dreaming about a Gespritzter in the Biergarten.

The first ‘real’ stay in Darmstadt

Saturday, May 31st, 2003

When I arrived here in Darmstadt yesterday I was wondering what the coming days would bring. I’ll stay here until next Friday, when I’ll be going up north to attend the wedding of Meik and Katja on Saturday (old school, stylish wedding – yeah!). They brought a lot of warm and moist weather and they also brought the nicest side-effects warm weather can have: allowing one to loiter around in outdoor swimming pools. Here in Darmstadt we have the “Woog”, a lake close to the city’s center. It’s nice, only 1 EUR entrance fee, not too crowded and the water was as refreshing as one could wish it to be.
After enjoying the weather, doing some water-diving for the first time since ages and even playing some volleyball I was pretty exhausted. And happy. Praise going to outdoor swimming pools together with some nice buddies!

Tomorrow I might want to tell you about my first visit to a discotheque in South-Western Germany. The ‘Steinbruch’….