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Loitering in my favorite loitering spot again.

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Ah well, this is what I like so much. Arriving in Darmstadt, I can get rid of my luggage and then walk over to the 603qm. Outside, it is almost stormy. Inside, there are people that I recognize and appreciate. Even people you do not know offer some of their chocolate to not-too-famished strangers like yours truly. Perfect. It’s good to be back for another two years. And now it’s time to get another beverage. And perhaps some pastry goodness.

In America’s heartland.

Friday, March 17th, 2006

Sorry for not posting for two weeks – I am currently in the United States. The conference that I attended was very good, my presentation went fine, I think, and now I am sitting in Soma, a café in Bloomington, Indiana, trying to write an application to get funding that would allow me to participate in the Crossroads 2006 conference in Istanbul. My scholarship might end soon (just one more month to go, actually), but I do not intend to end my scholarly activities. To the contrary! We won’t let ourselves get grinded down in the academic wo do not have any jobs – either you get depressed, get a one Euro job, or work until you get sick machine. Loitering for the right to loiter!

Back to school.

Wednesday, October 29th, 2003

This week the real semester began here in Darmstadt. Yours truly will now be loitering around in the college’s office again and have more time and leisure to post stuff here in the blog. At least he hopes so.

In trockenen Tüchern.

Saturday, June 21st, 2003

So, zur Abwechslung mal in deutsch. Und zwar weil ich den Ausdruck in trockenen Tüchern so gerne mag. Stellt sich bloss die Frage, was nun eigentlich in trockenen Tüchern ist. Es ist: Der Sommerurlaub. Warum? Weil das alte Mietkautionskonto endlich freigegeben worden ist. Jo.
Und sonst? Hier ist’s Wetter netter als daheim, was mich ja schon mal erfreut; desweiteren werd ich heute Abend wohl zum ersten mal seit vielen Monaten wieder eine Runde Neverwinter Nights mit Timo dädeldaddeln. Sozusagen in Vorbereitung auf das (hoffentlich baldige) Erscheinen der NWN Mac Version. Die hätte ja eigentlich schon vor einem Jahr fertig sein sollen, aber manchmal ist der Mac dann doch eine exklusivere Plattform als ich es mir wünschen würde.
Bis Timo so weit ist, werde ich vielleicht noch mal ein paar Buffy Folgen aus der finalen Staffel rekapitulieren, auf dem Schlossplatz wandeln, mir einen kleinen Snack besorgen und ein bisschen das Treiben anschauen. Und vielleicht auch noch ein bisschen mit meinen Liebsten chatten.

The first ‘real’ stay in Darmstadt

Saturday, May 31st, 2003

When I arrived here in Darmstadt yesterday I was wondering what the coming days would bring. I’ll stay here until next Friday, when I’ll be going up north to attend the wedding of Meik and Katja on Saturday (old school, stylish wedding – yeah!). They brought a lot of warm and moist weather and they also brought the nicest side-effects warm weather can have: allowing one to loiter around in outdoor swimming pools. Here in Darmstadt we have the “Woog”, a lake close to the city’s center. It’s nice, only 1 EUR entrance fee, not too crowded and the water was as refreshing as one could wish it to be.
After enjoying the weather, doing some water-diving for the first time since ages and even playing some volleyball I was pretty exhausted. And happy. Praise going to outdoor swimming pools together with some nice buddies!

Tomorrow I might want to tell you about my first visit to a discotheque in South-Western Germany. The ‘Steinbruch’….