Low price contest Berlin – Darmstadt.

A single ticket for one of the public pools in Berlin is 4 €. However, they also offer an unbelievably great deal: 10 tickets for just 36 €! Isn’t that great? A single ticket for a public pool in Darmstadt is 2 € and 10 tickets for students are … tada! … 10 €! That’s a fair price.

With the price barrier being not existent here in Darmstadt I went swimming with Tina an hour ago. For the first time for several years I did some serious swimming. After 1200 meters strength and spirit left me though. And I did not manage to do the dolphin for more than 30 meters. Well, there we have a goal!

This wasn’t much of a contest so far, wasn’t it? Alas, typing is exhausting for the athlete.

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3 Responses to “Low price contest Berlin – Darmstadt.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I guess, beer prices are inversely rated. So maybe Darmstadt is more for athlets and Berlin more for clumsy peoply like me.>

  2. daniel. says:

    Sorry, forgot the name, it was me, your faithful reader.>

  3. ozean says:

    Then again, Darmstadt has some very fair priced Biergärten too… – ruining all our plans at belly circumference reduction ;)>

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