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Låt den rätte komma in – The innocence of loosing your innocence.

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

When I saw the trailer for this movie I thought: this is a pretty neat idea. A girl of twelve years is presented as one of the epitomes of sin: a vampire, even worse, a dirty vampire, who licks bloods from the floor of a crappy room. Whose blood is it? The blod of an angel: a blonde, young, Swedish boy with blue eyes and a slight nose trickle. This is the constellation that is being developed in Let the right one in: a vampire girl who looks like she might have a migrant background and a local boy whose life and character are more complex than one would expect from his face – complex even before the arrival of Evi, the creature who drinks the blood of human beings. The film is moving in a very slow pace. Long takes show the faces of the protagonists. They show the places they live in. They show their interactions. Set in a gloomy winter atmosphere, the really well-cast, charming and at the same time frightening characters encounter each other: talking, bullying, playing and killing their way through night and day. The film succeeds at giving almost all characters more depth than one would expect in a horror or vampire flick. It is definitely more than a simple genre movie. It allows one to identify with all of these different characters and their problems – both small and mind-blowingly huge problems. This movie got me really involved, charmed, amused, shocked, frightened, and all of the time deeply engaged. It is a love story that tells us about how we can loose our innocence while maintaining it. About how we maintain our innocence by giving it up. You should definitely go and see it – if you can cope with the spilling of blood and some disturbing juxtapositions that this movie is not afraid of showing. In its heart, it is a very tender love story.
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No elks, only eggs.

Wednesday, April 14th, 2004

Back home now. We did not see any elks in Sweden, though the area where we were surely felt like this would be more than a remote possibility. However, we heard that five elks have been shot there recently, so the chances to see one were somewhat smaller. In addition, the terrain is well wooded and heavily hill-ed which made our field-of-elk-detecting-vision small.
I want to emphasize that we did not go to Sweden to see elks though, and, furthermore, that I fulfill my duty in the distinction business by telling you that I disapprove of elk sticker and memorabilia in almost any form.
I hope that I soon find a slide scanner to batch scan the pictures I took there and post them on the net, but I fear finding and getting access to one will take me at least two weeks from today. Perhaps Kerstin will be faster than that and present a few movie clips of our trip.

Elk eggs.

Thursday, April 1st, 2004

I won’t be posting much for the next ten days or so. Going for a trip to Sweden, and after that Kerstin and I will spend a few days in the vicinity of Hamburg, collecting easter eggs, watching handball matches, stuffing our bellies, saunaing, and perhaps visiting the Wildpark Schwarze Berge. What an excellent prospect!

Another movie highlight from Scandinavia.

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003

Yesterday we saw Fucking Åmal. With a by now typical camera, we’re introduced into the adolescent life in a small Swedish town. It’s a high school movie. It’s a nice movie. I repeatedly found myself surprised by the way the story turned (or did not turn). The two main characters, Agnes and Elin, are portraied and played really well, and they create an enchanting story. No cheerleading though and (almost) no basketball… Mac geeks will be rewarded too.
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