No elks, only eggs.

Back home now. We did not see any elks in Sweden, though the area where we were surely felt like this would be more than a remote possibility. However, we heard that five elks have been shot there recently, so the chances to see one were somewhat smaller. In addition, the terrain is well wooded and heavily hill-ed which made our field-of-elk-detecting-vision small.
I want to emphasize that we did not go to Sweden to see elks though, and, furthermore, that I fulfill my duty in the distinction business by telling you that I disapprove of elk sticker and memorabilia in almost any form.
I hope that I soon find a slide scanner to batch scan the pictures I took there and post them on the net, but I fear finding and getting access to one will take me at least two weeks from today. Perhaps Kerstin will be faster than that and present a few movie clips of our trip.

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