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Thursday, May 1st, 2008

our balcony at breakfast time during full spring cherry blossom timeThis is how life in spring should be. (Luckily, pollen do not transfer via the internet.) With a breakfast on the balcony on a gently warm spring day, life is unfolding like it should. See the cherry blossom tree in full flower? I am so grateful that is exists at exactly this spot on the earth’s surface. I really am. I made some more pictures for my future research project on the perception of nature in the city, thinking it should definitely encompass a visit to Japan during the time of cherry blossom. Ah! The ephemerality of aesthetics… :)

Später Lavendel.

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

photo of lavender growing on my balconyGoldener Oktober. Heute noch mal auf dem Balkon gefrühstückt. Die Wespen sind immer noch unterwegs, aber schon etwas träge, so dass Olli und ich sowohl Brötchen geniessen als auch ausblühenden Lavendel anblinzeln konnten.
So erholt man sich doch gerne von einer Magen-Darm Infektion.
Hm. Irgendwie passen goldener Oktober, blühender Lavendel und Magen-Darm Infektion nicht so richtig zusammen. Aber wir wollen mal nicht weiter in diese jeweiligen Bilder und ihre Assoziationen einsteigen. Hö.
Kerstin sagt, in Oslo regnet es schon seit zwei Wochen und es sind sechs Grad. Die Arme. *hämisches Grinsen*

Jolly good.

Thursday, April 29th, 2004

Nobody told me that the rapeseed fields would be full of blossoms already. An unexpected shock. The bright yellow of the rapeseed blossoms is particularly pleasant when seen together with meadows full of thickly orange-yellow dandelions. This makes the train ride an experience to be enjoyed even more than usual. The only side effect of this sight that is not 100% good might be the fact that concentrating on the papers which I have to grade is not really made easier when your view tends to wander out of the window…