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We were not the only ones.

Wednesday, February 25th, 2004

This sunday Florian, Kerstin, and yours truly watched Cold Mountain. Why? Because it is nominated for several Oscars. Does that guarantee a good movie. No. I might not have gone to see it were it not for the cool evil albino bounty hunter type you can see in the trailer. Not going would have been the better decision. Bad script. Very bad script. With the exception of the battle in the first quarter of the movie, everything else was not at all intriguing. Formally nothing interesting and content-wise sometimes horrifying. People started to laugh during the closing scenes and when the main protagonists had their first (and only) erotic scene.

It’s shocking. So what?

Sunday, February 22nd, 2004

I wrote that I would write a review of Baise Moi which I saw a while ago. Well, my judgement hasn’t changed much since I saw the movie; I still don’t see much worthwile in this movie. The big thing about this movie supposedly lies in the fact that the sex/rape scenes are ‘real,’ i.e. the sex scenes are performed by actors and you can see them fuck and rape as you would in a porn movie. So what differentiates this movie from a violence oriented porn movie? My experiences with that genre are somewhat slim (which I don’t mind), but I wonder if the differences are that big. Otherwise, several scenes in this movie are ugly and cause physical discomfort for me (and the uglyness and causing of physical discomfort does not depend on the fact that the violent sex has really been performed. I also feel discomfort when watching the ‘fake’ shooting and non-sexual violence in this movie.) At the same time, I don’t feel very enlightended or shocked in a productive way – I just feel bad after watching this movie. The only positive effect that I can discern is that watching these kinds of movies makes me want things like this not to happen. Perhaps this is good enough. And perhaps you want to see the trailer.