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French remake of a french movie.

Thursday, October 2nd, 2003

Yesterday we went to watch Swimming Pool in our local cinema. The film, directed by François Ozon who also did 8 Women is a nice example of a movie centered on very few people, a movie where not to many things happen, and not a lot of different places are used to stage the plot. It is centered around a swimming pool, an old and a young woman and a few men. The acting of everybody involved is very good, and the camera makes many shots that are quite close to people – without being too artistic or too Dogma-like. If you are looking for a well-done quiet movie with some funny and embarrassing moments, and some sublime suspense building up in the course of the movie this is well worth the money and time.

By the way, as hinted in the heading, this is the remake of a classic movie with Alain Delon and Romy Schneider: La Piscine. I haven’t seen this one yet, so if you know it, tell me how it is…

Ah, I almost forgot: the main male actor has a nice role-matching name: Jean-Marie Lamour. What’s even more: he’s wearing a moustache!