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Dancing the evidence.

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Last week I had to leave the post-graduate college’s summer school Technologies and their Environments: The Circulation of Materials, People, and Knowledge at the St. Jakobsberg monastery early – to my regret, because there were quite a few people who were as charming as they were clever. However, the lure was big enough to make me leave: I was accepted as a participant who can show a video presentation for the conference InEvidence, hosted by CRASSH and the German department of Cambridge University. The conference was a big success – many excellent presentations by both big names and people working on their PhDs, and, in addition, we also had some art going on, in particular the very impressive and well done performance of the duo Martin Nachbar & Jochen Roller with mnemonic nonstop. A cartographic duet. The atmosphere between the participants was very relaxed and open, too.
The only drawback was the density of the program – the pauses were short. Too short for people to actually be able to take enough time to watch the video presentations that were offered. Therefore I decided to upload the video that I showed during the conference. It is called subtle. Evident. Encountering the materiality of the Potsdamer Platz. The video is almost 12 minutes long, the file 180 MB big and formatted as .mp4. It can be played using recent versions of QuickTime Player, VLC, Real Player and probably also a few others. I hope you enjoy watching it.

Steinbruch – a disco experience

Sunday, June 1st, 2003

Ah, the internet, a marvel… you can check out where I spent Thursday night here. Seems as if this joint has quite a history.

It was a real old school experience. The thing was already full of people dancing and drinking when we arrived at around 23:30h. No to-cool-to-start-dancing-before-who-knows-when-style like in Berlin. Instead, it was quite similar to the Romaris back home. Rock’n’Roll. Yeah. Nice distribution of ages, no aggressive people, and a dancefloor that is just big enough.

I’ve been there together with Alex and Andreas, both of them co-kollegiates, both of them jumping and dancing until we were all sweat and exhaustion. If this is what life in Darmstadt will be like, well, then there is some fun in store for us…>