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Running the 70ies.

Tuesday, April 27th, 2004

Disclaimer: there are people who don’t like Ben Stiller. I was one of there for a while. Then I finally had the recklessness to watch Zoolander, and laughing out loud was an activity again connected to Ben Stiller. Motivated by the Zoolander experience, Kerstin and I watched this years Starsky&Hutch remake in which the good looking, funky nosed Owen Wilson is the second main actor. If you like this team, and perhaps even have a weak spot for The Snoop Dogg, you will enjoy this movie. However, if you like retro 70ies style you are in for a special treat. Both the photography and the outfittings of this movie produced some subtle and not-so-subtle flashbacks for Kerstin and me. If you are going to watch this movie keep an eye on the way people run – there is a specific 70ies thing about the way people were running in movies made back then: jackets are flapping and flying around them, arms are flailing wildy and the bespectacled faces are anything but cool. Plain fun.
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