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palaeo.de/tv - Talks and Presentations on Reefs

Korallenriffe - Faszination und Verpflichtung (in German),

Folien einer Powerpointpräsentation zu einer Tauchlehrerfortbildung anlässlich der Eröffnung des Internationalen Jahr des Riffes (IYOR 2008) auf der "boot 2008". Jan. 2008, >> download pdf, ca. 3 MB.

© Reinhold Leinfelder

Reefs under Stress (in German): Riffe unter Stress,

an online lecture, adapted for the web from a public talk at a high school by Reinhold Leinfelder (preliminary version, an interactive version is under preparation), put on the web early Oct. 2002

Click into image to start presentation (4.9 MB)

© Reinhold Leinfelder

Please note that this presentation includes 3rd party copyrights. We only have the authorization to use them for our own educational purpose, please do respect this. Further redistribution or use of figures can therefore not be allowed.

Die Evolution der Biodiversität - Das Beispiel der Riffe

The manuscript version (in nonanimated pdf-format, I am sorry) of a talk by Reinhold Leinfelder, presented at the Audimax of the Technical University of Munich on occasion of the Munich Science Days Oct. 2002. (in German).

Click into image to go to download site (2 MB).

In the modern and ancient sections of this site, you'll find more video clips on reef topics.

More text-oriented web articles on reefs are found in our www.palaeo.de/edu-section and in the www.riffe.de-site. You may also check out our classical article: The Jurassic Reef Park (english and german).

    © Reinhold Leinfelder and Palaeontology Munich, last changes 02.02.2008 by R. Leinfelder