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palaeo.de/tv - General Information

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General Content of this Site

A good way to explain palaeontology and geobiology is by visualizing objects and processes. Movies and animations also are more fun to watch than text-based articles with static images.

This site will continuously add the following contents:

  • Short (and, in part, also long) videos from student excursions and research field trips

  • Presentation of palaeontological objects, exhibitions and museums in a more "fancy" way.

  • Scientific talks and presentations parts of which use animations and process visualisations.

  • Last but not least we hope you also will have fun with our palaeo-fun section.

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Whom is it for?

We hope to reach a great variety of different audiences. Consequently, you will find a lot of different contents. We aim to present contents for all these groups:

  • University students, teachers and research colleagues in Palaeontology, Geobiology, Geology, Geography and Biology

  • Students and teachers of all kind of schools (from primary to high school)

  • High school students who want to inform themselves about a palaeontology course

  • Anyone who is interested in palaeontology, geobiology, geology and biology

  • Anyone who likes to have some palaeo-fun!

Which type of site is this?

Well, if you really care to know, here it is:

  • palaeo.de/tv provides a lot of content unique to this site

  • palaeo.de/tv points to suitable material from the other palaeo-website services of Palaeontology Munich, such as the palaeo.de-Portal (www.palaeo.de), the Paläontologie München-Webpages (www.palaeo.de/munich, www.palaeo.de/edu, www.palaeo.de/3d), and the reef server (www.riffe.de)

  • palaeo.de/tv is an addition to the web services of the Paläontologische Gesellschaft, pointing to suitable material on servers all over Germany

  • palaeo.de/tv acts as a palaeo-multimedia-portal, presenting featured links to other palaeo-multimedia in the web
Software and Hardware Requirements

This site can be used with various bandwiths and computer equipment. If possible we attempt to provide alternatives for fast and slow internet connections (bandwiths). However, the faster your computer, the broader your bandwith, the more fun you will have with this site. Especially streaming videos can only be used with a larger bandwith (in general, minimum dual isdn, better DSL, best Fast Ethernet connections).

The following browser configuration is necessary:

  • Netscape Navigator 5 or later (NN 4.7 may be used but will not display all layouts and animations correctly) or Internet Explorer 5.0 or later (Opera 5 has a problem with many StyleSheets), with JavaScript and Java enabled (this is the standard setting for these browsers).

  • Quicktime Plugin (preferrably in version 5 or higher) is necessary for many contents. We strongly recommend installation of Quicktime on your PC, should you not have done so yet (www.apple.com/de/quicktime). However, we also increasingly provide .wmv-versions for download and play with WindowsMediaPlayer, as well as some other formats. A few contents need the Flash plugin (preferrably in version 5 or higher)

Important: you do not need to fiddle and checkout your browser setting; we can do this for you through our browser-and-plugin-testing page

Your computer should have a fast processor (e.g. Pentium 3, G3 or higher). Slower computers can play the site but many animations and videos might stutter.

Important: If you have problems viewing Quicktime-contents (e.g. streaming Quicktime) or other media, please check out our Help-Pages. They are available in all categories through the menu bar (help & faq)

Who's dunnit?

Who has done this site? This site is produced by Reinhold Leinfelder, Palaeontology Munich for a variety of institutions, in particular for Palaeontologisches Museum Munich, GeoBio-Center at LMU, Section Palaeontology of Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and the Paläontologische Gesellschaft e.V. For more details and copyright regulations see the "who's dunnit page".

    © Reinhold Leinfelder and Palaeontology Munich, last changes 08.02.2004 by R. Leinfelder