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palaeo.de/tv - Talks and Presentations on Climate Issues

Climate and Life - Klima und Leben

The online version of a scientific keynote of Volker Mosbrugger, given 4 Oct. 2002 at the Geo2002 conference in Würzburg, Germany. (in German)

We present the powerpoint slides of Volker Mosbrugger of his splendid talk.

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© Volker Mosbrugger (conversion to Interactive Quicktime and html by R. Leinfelder).

weblaunch 28. Oct 2002

Please note that this presentation is a scientific educational talk and therefore includes some 3rd party copyrighted figures. By clicking on above image you confirm that you will not use this material for publications or other purposes. You may use this presentation for nonprofit indoor lectures, if you agree that you will acknowledge the producers of this online presentation (V.Mosbrugger, contents, R. Leinfelder, technics) and refer the audience to palaeo.de/tv.

See also the reef section for talks related to climate issues.

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