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palaeo.de/tv - Palaeo-Fun: Movie- and Quicktime fun

    What actually are geologists, palaeontologists and geobiologists doing?

    An animated movie (20 min) which is meant for kids, their parents and whoever might be interested. Click here or image for movie and more info about it...

    The Velociraptor skull displayed in the Palaeontological Museum Munich

    Or, from our Talk/ReefTalk section, including some quicktime movies:

    What has www.erotik.tv to do with reefs and climate?

    An online-presentation, based on an evening talk of Reinhold Leinfelder at a IT-/automobile supplier meeting. Have fun (if you dare ;-)

    Includes ith short videoclips and background music. Online since 28. Okt. 2002 (german version) / 8 Nov. 2002 (english version)

    Click into image to go to presentation (german: html-version or pdf-version; english: pdf-Version).

    © Reinhold Leinfelder

    Please note that this presentation includes 3rd party copyrights. We only have the authorization to use them for our own educational purpose, please do respect this. Further redistribution or use of figures and other materials can therefore not be allowed.

    © Reinhold Leinfelder and Palaeontology Munich, last changes 05.01.2008 by R. Leinfelder