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palaeo.de/tv - Palaeo-Fun: External Must-Sees

These MustSees are mostly not based on true science, but they are nevertheless a lot of fun - this is why they are in this section! For recommendable multimedia science links see our external links in the 'Ancient Times'-section.

    Back to the Pleistocene:  ICE AGE.   Must see!!!

    Trailers | More Video Clips

    (note that these links might be ephemeral. If they do not work, go to the Apple-Quicktime page and search for them there or use google.com).

    FINDING NEMO is another Must-See, I guess. Above all, Nemo helps us getting attention for the beauty of coral reefs and the need to protect them.

    Trailers | Flash-Animation

    The Future is Wild: quite a must-see as well. Palaeontologists tell you how our future wild life might look like after climates, oceans and continent have changed. Don't believe it will actually be like this - evolution won't reveal its many secrets to us, but it is a nice piece of imagination, based on truly imaginable lines of reasoning.

    >> ZDF-information, including images, video clip and animations
    >> or the original The Future is Wild-website

Oops, above images are subject to third-party copyrights, but I suppose Fox Studios, Pixar / Walt Disney and ZDF/BBC will not mind, after all, we are recommending these movie picures ;-) . Please use above links for more information on the producing companies.

    And of course, there are the Jurassic Park motion pictures!

    Not sure whether below is a 'must see', but anyway, there is a lot of edutainment and fun:

    'The Jurassic Park Institute' .

    from Universal Studios (the Makers of Jurassic Park and much more).
    (please note that this is not an academic institution, but nevertheless there is a lot of educational stuff, just try not to confuse science and fiction)

    Animations and video clips are mostly found in the 'Media-Section' of the Institute. A couple of their video animations are also linked through our Ancient/Animation-Section.

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