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 palaeo.de/tv - Palaeo-Fun: Animated Gifs

    There are a lot of animated gifs on dinosaurs and other beasts out there. Weblinks are ephemeral, so please use a search engine, such as www.google.com to find them (search for "dinosaur, animated gif" or similar).

    Below you'll find largely the animated gifs we have produced for this website. If you wish, you may use them for your own website under the following conditions:

 your website is purely non-commercial, and

you add credits and a weblink to www.palaeo.de/tv
   (making it clear where the gifs are taken from)

The animated nautilus (above) was provided by Christa Maaßen (thanx!). It represents the logo of palaeo.de/tv, so please only use it as a link button to www.palaeo.de/tv or www.palaeo.de

    This pterosaur was sent to me by someone else. I am not quite sure if it is freely available (credits to an unknown gifanim-artist!) In the right version, I have changed this animation and reduced colors to grayscales. We use the left version normally only with dhtml-animation (see dhtml-section) to really let it fly; otherwise it appears unnatural.

    Below animations are based on the Velociraptor skull displayed in the Palaeontological Museum Munich. We also use Velociraptor as wired sprite quicktime movie on this page (see quicktime fun).


    Check out more gif animations in the ancient/3d and ancient/anim-section.

    © Reinhold Leinfelder and Palaeontology Munich, last changes 05.01.2008 by R. Leinfelder