Ilina Nesik

Ilina Nesik
MAXCAP Partner / Project and Communication Manager - Balkan Civil Society Development Network
Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN)
Bel Kamen Street no. 6/8
1000 Skopje
+ 389 2 6144-211
+ 389 2 6144-211
Short CV:

Ilina Nesik holds a MA in European Studies: Strategic Communication and Public Relations in Europe from the European University Centre in Nancy, France. In the Balkan Civil Society Network, she is responsible for networking, project management and information sharing. She has gained considerable international experience in several civil society organizations in France, Germany and the Balkans as well as in the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Macedonia to the Council of Europe. Her areas of expertise include European integration, communications and lobbying as well as organization of high level international events and project management.

Relevant publications:

(2013) 'Inclusiveness, Representativeness and Impact of Civil Society and Participation to the EU Integration and Accession Process: The Experience of CSO Representatives to the NCEI in Macedonia, Parliament Scrutiny in the EU Accession Process', Institute for Democracy and Mediation, pp. 35-44. Co-authored with T. Hafner Ademi.

(2011) 'The EU and the Ohrid Framework Agreement, Ohrid Framework Agreement: Case Studies', Macedonian Center for International Cooperation, pp. 44-51. Co-authored with T. Hafner Ademi.

(2010) 'Through Education and Strengthening towards Social Inclusion and Active Citizenship-II', Association Antiko.