Leiden University (UL) (co-coordinating institution)

Leiden University (LU)

Leiden University (UL) is member of the League of European Research Universities and the ‘Europaeum’ association promoting pan-European research initiatives. As of January 2012, UL is involved in 142 FP7 research contracts, which represents roughly 23% of the annual external research finding. UL’s Research & Innovation Office assists researchers during project preparation and provides services in the management of projects. The Institute of Public Administration has a strong focus on institutional analysis and decision-making, with a core group in European politics. Over the years the institute has been involved in numerous international projects, including projects sponsored by national research councils, EU, the ESF, and national governments and ministries.

Team leader:

Antoaneta Dimitrova
MAXCAP Co-coordinator / Associate Professor / Coordinator - Masters Programme / Co-coordinator - Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Involved scholars:

Prof. Dr.
Bernard Steunenberg
MAXCAP Partner / Jean Monnet Ad Personam Chair - European Politics / Professor - Public Administration
Dimiter Toshkov
MAXCAP Partner / Assistant Professor
Elitsa Kortenska
MAXCAP Partner / Ph.D. Researcher - Institute of Public Administration