MAXCAP co-coordinator Antoaneta Dimitrova discusses with practitioners, politicians, civil society and journalists in Skopje whether a new EU approach towards Western Balkans is feasible?

On the invitation of the European Policy Institute - Skopje, Dr. Antoaneta Dimitrova, Associate Professor at Leiden University, participated on the round table “Is a new EU approach to the Balkans feasible?” that was held in Skopje, Macedonia, on March 17th. 

MAXCAP Newsletter No. 6

After three years of intense research, MAXCAP came to an official end on March 31, 2016. In the sixth, and last, edition of our newsletter we present our key findings on the integration capacity of the European Union and policy implications of our scientific results. The MAXCAP Newsletter Issue 06/2016 can be found here.

MAXCAP partners discuss their main findings with politicians, practitioners and researchers at Sofia University

On 26-27 February, MAXCAP partner Sofia University hosted an international public discussion between politicians, practitioners and researchers on the „Advantages of EU Enlargement – What Could the Applicant Countries Learn from the EU; What Could the EU Learn from the Applicant Countries?“.