Our bi-annual newsletter aims to inform our readers about recent developments within the larger field of EU enlargement politics as well as new work and publications of MAXCAP partner institutions.

The sixth, and last, newsletter presents MAXCAP’s key findings on the integration capacity of the European Union and policy implications of our scientific results. It includes comprehensive reports covering the Final Conference in The Hague and MAXCAP’s last dissemination event in Sofia. Moreover, the Newsletter presents the abstracts of seven new working papers in our MAXCAP Working Paper Series, dealing with a broad range of subjects, including the integration capacity of the EU in its Eastern neighbourhood, discourses about EU enlargement, unintended consequences of EU conditionality on (potential) candidate countries, measuring sociopolitical differences between EU member states and candidates as well as the developmental impact of EU integration.

The fifth edition of the MAXCAP newsletter includes reports about two MAXCAP milestones: the Midterm Conference and the Young Researchers Workshop. The reports provide valuable insight into MAXCAP’s current state of research on the integration capacity of the European Union and policy implications of MAXCAP’s interim scientific results. Further the newsletter contains a report about the panel discussion “Fighting Corruption in the Western Balkans” and abstracts of seven new MAXCAP Working Papers dealing with a broad range of subjects including the effects of Eastern enlargement on the EU’s decision-making capacity and legal system, EU accession negotiations for Bulgaria and Turkey, public opinion towards the European integration and the EU approach to support political integration of new members, accession candidates and Eastern neighbours.

The fourth edition of the MAXCAP newsletter includes a report about two MAXCAP events in Tbilisi in early October which provided the opportunity for MAXCAP scholars, Georgian and Ukrainian experts to discuss the lessons learned from Enlargement for a more effective EU policy towards the Eastern partnership countries and exchange views about the role of Russia and Turkey in the region. Further, the newsletter includes a report of the multi-stakeholder workshop on EU conditionality and minority protection in the Western Balkans held in November in Sarajevo.

The third edition of the MAXCAP newsletter presents the most recent research activities and publications of our partners. It provides insights into MAXCAP's work that has been presented at a number of international conferences, in particular those celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the EU Eastern Enlargement. Besides, the latest MAXCAP Working Papers are introduced.

The second edition of the MAXCAP newsletter will present the recent research activities including both MAXCAP publication reports and partner publications. Besides these publications, the newsletter will provide insights from the Policy Briefing on the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius, which took place on December 3, 2013 in Berlin. In this context Klaudijus Maniokas, a MAXCAP Advisory Board member, will comment on Ukraine in the wake of the Vilnius Summit. Also, a MAXCAP Resource Database compiling data links on EU enlargement and the EU’s neighborhood relations as well as an overview about the European Commission’s Open Access Policy and requirements will be presented.

The first edition of the MAXCAP newsletter will present the first research activities of the project and review the MAXCAP Kick-Off Conference, which took place from May 30 - June 1, 2013 in Berlin. The newsletter includes a report abou the round table on the lessons to be drawn from current and previous enlargements and the ENP for the EU's future capacity to implement its rules and norms byond its borders. Also, the research to be done in each work package will be presented and MAXCAP partners will reflect upon the insights they gained from discussions at the Kick-Off Conference.