Georgi Dimitrov

Prof. Georgi Dimitrov
MAXCAP Partner/ Professor - Sofia University
Sofia University (SU-BG)
125 Tzarigradsko shosse, blvd.; bl. 4, office 415
1113 Sofia
+3592 9711002-342
Short CV:

Georgi Dimitrov, Dr. Habil., is professor of sociology. He is the founder of the European Studies Department at “St. Kl. Ohridski” University of Sofia. He has been Senior Fulbright Fellow in 2002/2003 and in 2010. He teaches courses on history and sociology, European civilizing process, EU integration and reform policy studies. His research interests include post-communist transition studies and EU integration studies.  Professor Dimitrov has a sound background in research team leadership (more than 20 projects) and has participated in several cross-country comparative studies: The Role of Anti-Corruption Policies in the EC-Bulgaria/Romania Relationships, 2012-2013; Bulgaria in EU – Lessons from the First Years of Membership, 2009-2011; Scientific Research Activities at Sofia University 2008-2011; field-work director of the 4-th wave of European Values Study 2008; Innovative Sociology: Societies in Transition in South-Eastern Europe 2000-2004 (twinning project between Bulgaria and FYROM), team member in Capacity of the Bulgarian Parliament for Launching policy for Anti-Corruption Combat 2010-2011.

Relevant publications:

(2014) The Cooperation and Verification Mechanism: Shared Political Irresponsibility, Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press. Co-author with Kaloyan Haralampiev, Stoycho Stoychev and Linka Toneva-Metodieva.

(2013) ‘Ever closer or diverging: the relationship between EC and the latecomers (Bulgaria and Romania) seen through the prism of CVM’, Proceedings from the International conference Disintegration and Integration in East-Central Europe (1919-post-1989), 20-23 February.

(2013) Building Citizenship: prospects for Public Partnership in Bulgaria, Sofia: Sofia University Press.

(2012) Studies in European Civilizing Process, Sofia: Sofia University Press.

(2009) ‘The Social Challenges of the European Integration for the Countries of Southeastern Europe’, in M. Soivecha. (ed), The Balkans: Curbing the Challenges, Sofia: Sofia University.