Frank Schimmelfennig

Prof. Frank Schimmelfennig
MAXCAP Partner / Professor - Center for Comparative and International Studies
Eidgenössische Hochschule Zürich (ETH)
IFW D 45.1 Haldeneggsteig 4
8092 Zürich
+41 44 6328-062
+41 44 6321-289
Short CV:

Frank Schimmelfennig is professor of European politics at ETH Zürich, Switzerland, and the Center for Comparative and International Studies. He received his M.A. degree in political science and history (1989), a PhD in political science (1995) from the University of Tübingen and obtained his habilitation in political science at Darmstadt University of Technology (2001). Before joining ETH Zürich in 2005, he was a fellow of the Mannheim Center for European Social Research. His main research interests are in the theory of European integration, in particular, EU enlargement, democracy promotion, democratization, and differentiated integration.

Relevant publications:

(2015) 'EU Enlargement', in J. Richardson and S. Mazey (eds), European Union: Power and Policy-Making, London: Routledge, 4th ed., pp. 261-282.

(2014) 'EU Enlargement and Differentiated Integration: Discrimination or Equal Treatment?', Journal of European Public Policy 21(5): 681-698.

(2013) 'Beyond the Golden Carrot of Conditionality. How the EU influences Countries Across its Borders', Idee 34(6): 14-19.

(2009) 'EU Rules beyond EU Borders: Theorizing External Governance in European Politics', Journal of European Public Policy 16(6): 791-812. Co-authored with S. Lavenex.

(2008) 'EU Democracy Promotion in the European Neighborhood. Political Conditionality, Economic Development, and Transnational Exchange', European Politics 9(2): 187-215. Co-authored with H.Scholtz.

(2006) International Socialization in Europe: European Organizations, Political Conditionality, and Democratic Change, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Co-authored with S. Engert and H. Knobel.

(2004) 'Governance by Conditionality: EU Rule Transfer to the Candidate Countries of Central and Eastern Europe', Journal of European Public Policy 11(4): 669-687. Co-authored with U. Sedelmeier.

(2001) 'The Community Trap: Liberal Norms, Rhetorical Action, and the Eastern Enlargement of the European Union', International Organization 55(1): 47-80.