Emre Hatipoğlu

Dr. Emre Hatipoğlu
MAXCAP Partner / Assistant Professor of Political Science / Coordinator European Studies Program
Sabanci University (SU)
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Orhanli, Tuzla
34956 Istanbul
+90 216 4839-260
E-mail: ehatipoglu@sabanciuniv.edu
Short CV:

Emre Hatipoğlu holds a BA from Boğaziçi University, an MA from Sabancı University, and obtained his PhD from The Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Hatipoğlu’s research employs quantitative and formal methods to examine the intersection of domestic politics and foreign policy. His work has appeared in journals such as Foreign Policy Analysis, International Studies Perspectives and Terrorism and Political Violence. Emre Hatipoglu is also a co-principal investigator in the I-POST project, which examines opinion formation trends among Turkish twitter users.

Relevant publications:

(forthcoming) 'Contextualizing Change in Turkish Foreign Policy: The Promise of the 'Two Good: Theory', Cambridge Review of International Affairs. Co-edited with G. Palmer.

(forthcoming) 'Determinants of Post-Conflict Mediation in Bosnia: A Focused Comparison', Australian Journal of International Affairs. Co-authored with R. Zenelaj and N. Beriker.

(2015) 'Turkish Foreign Policy and the EU: Exploring Trends in Electoral Manifestos', in A. O. Evin and P. Balasz (eds), Turkey
and the European Union: Strategic Partners and Competitors, Budapest: Central European University Press, pp. 17-35. Co-edited with I. Aslan and B. Luetgert.

(2014) 'Convergence or Divergence: EU and Turkish Foreign Policy over the Last Decade', in P. Balasz (ed) European Union with 36 Members? Perspectives and Risks, Budapest: Central European University Press, pp. 185-197. Co-authored with A. Evin.

(2013) 'Türk siyasi partileri, seçim bildirgeleri ve Ortadoğu', Ortadoğu Analiz 5 (50): 41-54. Co-authored with B. Luetgert.