Out now: MAXCAP Reports No. 1 and 2

MAXCAP is introducing a new publications series which will complement the MAXCAP Working Paper series: The MAXCAP Reports. They aim to inform the public about interim research results as well as conferences and other events conducted by MAXCAP. The first two MAXCAP Reports have just been published:

Report No. 1 "Enlargement and the Integration Capacity of the EU - Interim Scientific Results" by Frank Schimmelfennig, Tanja A. Börzel, Elitsa Kortenska, Julia Langbein and Dimiter Toshkov provides an assessment of the European Union's internal and external integration capacity and summarizes MAXCAP's preliminary findings on EU modes of integration and negotiation design. You can download Report No. 1 here.

Report No. 2 "EU Integration and Minority Protection in the Western Balkans: Mapping the Way Ahead - Conference Report" by Adam Fagan and Indraneel Sircar presents the results of the MAXCAP conference on EU strategies for minority protection in the Western Balkans, which took place on 20-21 November 2014 in Sarajevo. You can download Report No. 2 here.



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