MAXCAP’s final conference: 22-23 January 2016, The Hague

On the 22 and 23 January 2016, the MAXCAP Leiden University team welcomes all MAXCAP partners, colleagues and friends at the third and final MAXCAP conference. Scholars, policy-makers, civil society and advisory board members will meet at Leiden University’s campus in the Hague to discuss the findings and lessons of the MAXCAP project.

The conference will take place at Leiden University’s  Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs (FGGA,  till December 2015 as Faculty Campus The Hague) at the heart of The Hague - the International city of Peace and Justice. The final Conference brings together academics, policy makers, civil society representatives and the  broader public to synthesize and reflect on major findings about the effects and prospects of EU enlargement and discuss their policy implication across member states and societies across the European continent. During the two days of the conference and building on the research presented at the previous two conferences and in MAXCAP publications, participants will  address the main questions posed by the MAXCAP project:

  • Explain the effects of EU’s integration modes and strategies on democracy and socio economic development in new members, candidates and neighbourhood countries
  • Establish whether conditions for successful implementation exist post enlargement and explore possibilities for differentiated integration
  • Identify the social limits to EU’s integration capacity based on public opinion and citizens’ perceptions and discourses
  • Explore the changing EU negotiation strategies
  • Examine the EU’s different modes of integration the EU has employed and establish what lessons from these can be applied to neighbouring and associated countries;

The final conference will present scientific findings and policy briefs and, as the previous two MAXCAP conferences, open the discussion with policy makers and the public. Two public round tables, at the end of each day, as well as Policy Brief presentation and four MAXCAP research theme sessions will take place within the two days. The theme sessions are dedicated to the scientific debates and research contributions of MAXCAP partners within the broader theoretical and methodological framework of the project. The sessions focus on the various aspects of MAXCAP research agenda from the political and economic effects of enlargement on candidates, on the EU; the various modes of integrations and enlargement strategies in the past and present to the effects on public opinion and the citizens’ perspective on the topic of European integration. The round tables will address the policy issues and developments affecting enlargement and offer an opportunity to reflect on the implications of current developments for EU enlargement.


Thu, 2015-12-17 15:15