MAXCAP Partner Sabanci University organizes the Midterm Conference and Young Researchers Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey

On 20-24 April 2015, MAXCAP partner institution Sabanci University (SU) will organize the Midterm Conference and Young Researchers Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey. The MAXCAP Midterm Conference brings together the initial results of the extensive research the involved institutions have so far conducted. In MAXCAP, supported by the European Commission's FP7 programme, they focus on matters relating to the current and future enlargements of the European Union. Concomitantly, the panels have been specifically tailored to address a plethora of relevant events and issues concerning the EU's enlargement process. Similarly, the Young Researchers Workshop will center around the innovative ideas and analyses of Ph.D students regarding ongoing transnational phenomena under the umbrella of the Union. Gathering distinguished scholars and more than 50 participants from various institutions, authorities and experts from the Commission and civil society, the Midterm Conference is a great platform for the exchange of ideas.

Please find more information on the Midterm Conference and the Young Researchers Workshop here


Thu, 2015-04-16 09:00