Migration to WordPress.

Since I got the job to set up a blog for someone else, and since it was decided that the blog should be done with WordPress, I started to play around with this blogging package a few days ago. To learn how to set things up and make modifications, I tried to replicate the style of my own blog, which is based on the very simple blosxom. One thing came to another and finally I tried to import all of my blosxom blog entries into the new WordPress database – and here we are! I decided to switch to WordPress because:

  • it is maintained much more regularly,
  • it is much more comfortable to use,
  • it offers more and more useful plugins,
  • I hope it will make it easier to keep off spam,
  • it finally allowed me to make a tag cloud.

The latter can be marvelled at to the right. I am quite baffled at how closely the tag cloud represents those aspects of my life that I put into this blog in the course of the last six years. It will be interesting to see how the cloud develops in the future…

I decided against keeping the content in the same address location because of the cryptic cgi blabla that was part of the old address. Therefore I would like to ask you to update your bookmarks and feed readers to go to the new address: http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/frers/blog.

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4 Responses to “Migration to WordPress.”

  1. stralau says:

    … and it has a lot of security problems, meaning you have to apply upgrades very frequently, and often security updates are mixed with feature upgrades, so you have no choice.

  2. Jay says:

    I am still hesitate to change the cms. but wordpress is quite save, I guess? I got also a website for ozean, cause i love it so much…Check it out, but it s just a html site ;)

    • ozean says:

      I cannot yet estimate how safe it is, but so far it was easy enough to manage the comment spam, easier at least than with blosxom, which I used before. However, as stralau says, I think you will need to update frequently. (I already updated a plugin that I use two times in the course of the last two weeks.) I guess switching mostly makes sense if you want to make frequent posts, otherwise you can probably stick to your current system – the code of your site is very lean and loads fast, which is an advantage.

      Funny that you also host an ocean themed site here!

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