Beginning to blog – a question of time (and space ;-) )

I would be quite surprised if I write as frequently as I do now. There seems to be quite a lot of news in my life these days, many things happing that could find their way into the blog. Events which I enjoy reflecting upon and which I enjoy putting into words.
One of the major reasons for this is: ich habe die Muße dafür (I do have the leisure to do this). The apartment in Griesheim is still quite empty and not in “easy living condition”, there are not too many things that could distract me here (my PowerBook is not that much of a gaming machine, there is no TV available, I am broke, our workroom in the Kraftwerk is not at all crowded), and I am not yet under too much pressure regarding the work on my dissertation. Also, writing this blog is something new and inspiring; I am excited about the possibilities of this medium – at the same time I am somewhat unclear about the ways in which I want to use it:
Who is going to read this blog? Will it be friends that I already know, will it be strangers, will it be other bloggers? How many people will be interested in the posts on sociological issues and on my dissertation project? I’ll probably start the PR process next week. Sending out an e-mail to people I know so that they know about this blog and, if they like it, visit it more or less regularly and perhaps even post comments here.
Another big question: should I really write this blog in English? I am quite sure that I want to write the sociological stuff in English, because I am probably going to write my dissertation in English anyway. It will at the very least be a good exercise to write in English. But then again, German speaking folks might not be comfortable enough with the Enlish language and perhaps refrain from reading this blog if I only write in English. Of course, most of the people I know are German. Perhaps I’ll do a poll from time to time. I think that I will write some entries in German from time to time; depending on mood and subject.

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