Good deeds.

A month ago, I changed the CSS code for the online version of my diploma thesis, introducing separate style definitions for printing. Yesterday, I also wrote a style sheet for the rest of my website – excluding home page and blog, on which I will work later. Printing should be even more fun now. Making the changes was pretty easy, since I could use most of the template that I made for the diploma thesis part of my website.

At this point, we are in the good deed singular stage. What’s up with the plural? Well, after reading about the cash crisis for quake helicopters on BBC, I remembered that I wanted to donate money for the tsunami relief effort last year. Actually, I kind of did not donate last year. Money seems much scarcer for this disaster, and this together with my bad conscience from last year encouraged me to do now what I wanted to do last year. (There are a few donation related links in the article.)


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