Rating, rating, rating.

Finally! Today I finished rating all the appropriate tracks in my iTunes library – yay! This means I have rated more than 3600 songs. Whew. I guess have been gnawing myself through my library for a time span of about ten months or so. I did and do not rate classical music, audiobooks, and plays (which would add up to another 500 tracks). As regular readers will already know, I am tending to be a generous rater/reviewer, which gives me 440 five star ratings, 1673 four star ratings, about 200 two star ratings and just 39 single star ratings (those are the songs which I might eventually delete anyway). Now I only have to rate songs when I add them to the library – something that I will only do step by step, since the 40 GB hard disk of my PowerBook doesn’t offer much space anymore.

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