Working Group "Small-Scale Farming and Gardens in urban and rural areas"
in cooperation with the working group "Agriculture and Social Ecology"
HUMBOLDT UNIVERSITY BERLIN - Faculty for Agriculture and Gardening

Gardening-Conference 2000

Perspectives of Small-Scale Farming in urban and rural areas
- about the social and ecological necessity of gardens and informal agriculture

21st 25rd July 2000
at the Faculty for Agriculture and Gardening, Humboldt University, Berlin
(Invalidenstraße 42, 10115 Berlin)

PROGRAMME                 deutsche Version

Friday, 21st July 2000

Topic A: Forms of gardening and small-scale farming at the beginning and at
              the end of the 20th century

                         Chair: Johannes Heinrichs,  Work Group Agri-Culture and Social Ecology at the Faculty for
                         Agriculture and Gardening of Humboldt University, Berlin
10.00 10.45   Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen (Berlin): Introduction: Small-scale farming and gardens
                         as a  "female economy" about the meaning of "Lebenswelt" and housework in times
                         of unemployment.
10.45 11.15   Onno Poppinga (Kassel, Germany): Old and new kinds of small-scale farming in the
                         old federal states of Germany. canceled
11.15 11.45   Heide Inhetveen (Göttingen, Germany): Horticulture picture of and model for managing
                         one's affairs with precaution.
11.45 12.00   Break
12.00 12.30   Inge Buck (Bremen): Kleingärten between island of happiness, observation area and planning
                         expropriation. A research about the Kleingarten organisationsof Bremen.

14.30 15.00   Farida Akhter, UBINIG: Policy Research for Development Alternativ (Dhaka, Bangladesh):
                         A successful NGO leads to an ecological smallholders movement. (engl.)
15.00 15.30   Veronika Bennholdt-Thomsen (Bielefeld/Vienna): Female smallholders in the Warburger Börde,
15.30 16.00   Teodor Shanin (Manchester/Moscow): Informal economy in rural and urban Russia. (engl.)
16.00 16.30   Coffee break
16.30 17.15   Akemine Tetsuo (Tokyo, Japan): Report from Tokyo: Urban subsistence agriculture as a survival
                         strategy of the inhabitants. Lecture in Japanese, Translation: Richard Pestemer
17.15 17.45    Maria Mies (Köln, Germany): Worldwide farmers' protests - the organisation of smallholders
                         "Via Campesina".
19.00 - 22:00    Party, Café Florasoft, Invalidenstr. 42

Saturday, 22nd July 2000

Topic B: About the socio-economical necessity of gardening and small-scale farming
              in international comparison

                          Chair: Hardine Knuth, Faculty for Agriculture and Gardening of Humboldt University, Berlin
  9.00 9.15      Introduction/ summary of the first day
  9.15 9.45      Friedhelm Streiffeler (Berlin): Urban agriculture in Africa.
  9.45 10.15    Rita Schäfer (Berlin): Community gardens of women in Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone. canceled
10.15 10.45    Nigel Swain (Liverpool, Great Britain): "Here everyone stands on two feet!" Small-scale
                          farming in the post-socialist rural transition, some examples from Eastern Central Europe
                          and the Balkans. (engl.)
 11.15 11.45    Wojciech Kniec (Torun, Poland): Small scale farming in Poland threats and opportunities (engl.)
                         Elwira Piszczek (Torun, Poland): Small farms in Poland. Business or "peasant routine"? (engl.)
11.45 12.45    Dorothee Jahn (Kassel/Witzenhausen, Germany): Urban agriculture in La Paz, Bolivia.
                       Brigitte Vogl-Lukasser (Vienna, Austria): House gardens of the Maya in the valley of Chiapas/ Mexico.
                       Karin Standler (Vienna/Linz, Austria) canceled: Gardening in Burkina Faso. How deep the well has
                          to get?

Topic C: Gardens as a community campaign, social movements and "Kleingarten" organisations

    Presenting:       Parto Teherani-Krönner, Faculty for Agriculture and Gardening of Humboldt University, Berlin
14.30 15.00     David Crouch (Derby, Great Britain): Urban gardening in Great Britain. (engl)
15.00 15.30     Gert Gröning (Berlin): About the development of urban garden culture in some north-american
                           and german cities in the late 20th century.
15.30 16.00     Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen (Berlin): Gardening and small-scale farming in the Uckermark/
                           Brandenburg ecologically oriented self-work in times of unemployment.
16.00 16.30     Coffee break
16.30 17.00     Ramesh Chandra Agrawal, (Berlin): Perspectives of small farmers in developing countries
                           Do they have a future? (engl.)
17.00 17.30     Edie Stone, (New York, USA): "Community Gardening in New York City Becomes a Political
18.00 19.30     Dinner break
19.30 - 21.30     Film of David Crouch: "Community Gardening in Great Britain"
                          and "City Farmers" of Meryl Joseph in engl.

Sunday, 23rd July 2000

Topic D: Practical problems of small-scale farming, for example the seed question

   Presenting:        Wolfgang Bokelmann, Faculty for Agriculture and Gardening of Humboldt University, Berlin
10.00 10.15      Introduction/ summary of the first and second day
10.15 10.45      Christian Hiß (Eichstetten/Kaiserstuhl, Germany), farmer practising organic cultivation: Impulse
                            for the preservation and use of agricultural variety.
10.45 11.15      Wolfgang Eisenberg (Clenze/Wendland, Germany), smallholder: Agricultural "Urpoduktion"
                            for the urban ecological movement only an episode?
11.15 11.45      Andrea Heistinger (Vienna, Austria): Seed breeding and seed preservation by peasant women
                            in Südtirol, Italy the genes are not the issue.
11.45 12.15      Coffee break
12.15 12.45      Peter Gerber (Coopérative europénne Longo Mai, France): Self-managment and subsistence
                            economy. Seed for family gardens.
12.45 13.15      Sigrid Fronius (Coroico, Bolivia): From a garden for subsistence to a garden for the soul.
                            The story of a garden in subtropical Bolivia.
13.15 13.25      Final statement - should/will/can there be a next conference ?Informations about the field trips in
                            the afternoon and in the following days
13.25 14.30      Lunch break
from 14.30:     Guided field trips to garden projects in Berlin

Monday, 24th  July, and Tuesday, 25 th July 2000:

For the participants from abroad and all others who would like to come we offer an excursion to different projects
in the Uckermark/ Brandenburg.