Beitrag zur Gartenkonferenz 2000
Perspektiven der Garten- und Kleinstlandwirtschaft in Stadt und Land - zur sozialen und ökologischen Notwendigkeit einer "weiblichen Ökonomie"  vom 21. - 25. Juli 2000 in Berlin, AG Kleinstlandwirtschaft und Gärten in Stadt und Land, C/O Freie Universität Berlin, Institut für Soziologie, Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen, Babelsberger Str. 14 - 16, D-10715 Berlin, Tel.:+49 (0)30 - 85002110, Fax/AB:+49 (0)2561-95941640, ,


David Crouch
Anglia Polytechnic University

Urban Gardening in Great Britain

Recently urban gardening on rented plots has moved from tradition into a new era of socal activity and development. This has accompanied the growth of a new movement Federation of COmmunity Gardens and City Famrs, that deals mainly with non-governmetn owned land, and the 1998 Government Inquory into the Future of Allotmnets. A wider community is becoming involved with small plot gardening and there are some internal conflicts within the wider `movement`. There is an effort to hold onto the traditional gardeners and engage this wider, more proactive community. Small plot city gardeing is beign identified in relaiton to issues of health, ecology, sustainability, community identity and community biulding. Having involvement across these efvents and movements I will discus in this paper the reorientaitonof interest, ideology and action, and the tensions it creates and measures to cpe, as well as refr to my developing work with the Local Government Associaiton of UK in developing profle and practice of allotments.

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