Contribution to the Gardening-Conference 2000: "Perspectives of Small-Scale Farming in urban and rural areas
- about the social and ecological necessity of gardens and informal agriculture" from 21. - 25. July 2000 in Berlin
Infos: Work group "Small-scale farming and Gardens in urban and rural Areas", C/O Free University of Berlin, Institute of Sociology, Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen, ,

Heide Inhetveen
Georg-August Universitaet Göttingen,
Institut fuer Rurale Entwicklung

Horticulture - Image and example for a preventive economy

Gardens were always and are in many places of the world elementary for human existence. The garden can be seen as a "total socila fact" in the sense of Marcel Mauss, from its special cross-roads characteristic. It is an image of social reality in social, economical, ecological and cultural sense. It has and renews for the gardeners important potentials for surmounting individual or social crises and for visualizing another future. Gardens are not only images of social conditions, but also examples for alternative action. We will present the concept of preventive economy using peasant subsistence gardening and ask for the conditions for its social realization.

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