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Modern Coral Reefs II - Videos produced on occasion of the International Year of the Reef (IYOR 1997) and later contributions, incl. 45-min radio round table discussion.

Lebensraum Korallenriff

'Lebensraum Korallenriff' is a purchable VHS-video produced by Dirk Ritter Videoproductions in cooperation with reef scientists. The 50 Min-video gives a full overview of reef organisms, reef types, reef zones and reef dangers. For slower connection we provide several fast start movies between 3 and 12 min. Highly recommended, in particular also for schools. In German Language.

With the kind permission of the author palaeo.de/tv has produced short clips and a 320x240 full web version of this remarkable production. See more for details...

Korrektes Verhalten im Korallenriff

"Thomas Cook powered by Condor" (formerly Condor Charter Airline) has produced a remarkable onboard video clip on how to avoid reef damages. This video was produced on occasion of the International Year of the Reef (IYOR 1997) in cooperation with the Association of German Recreational Divers and reef scientists. This video (with german speaker) is still as relevant as ever and we are most grateful to ThomasCook AG for permission to present this video here.

We provide two qt-realtime streaming , two qt-.mov and a WinMedia-Player version (7:08 min).

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Weltnaturerbe Korallenriffe - ein SWR2-Hörfunk-Beitrag
Beitrag aus dem SWR2-Forum: Weltnaturerbe Korallenriffe, Erstsendung 24.08.2004.

45-minütige Diskussionssendung mit den Riffexperten Franz Brümmer, Univ. Stuttgart, Stephan Lutter, WWF und Reinhold Leinfelder, GeoBio-Center an der LMU-Universität München unter der Leitung von Eggert Blum.

© Eggert Blum und SWF, used with kind permission
verfügbar als streaming Quicktime, mp3 und wma-Dateien.

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