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Modern Coral Reefs I

Since long modern reefs were studied by geoscientists to gain models for ancient reefs, carbonate sedimentation and oil and gas exploration. Only more recently, the importance and value of modern reefs for mankind has been understood better: reefs protect coasts, provide food, are a huge pharmaceutical reserve, interact with the climate and have an enormous touristic value. Sadly, the condition of modern reefs is very poor.

We provide all from 1-minute clips to nearly one-hour full length videos on modern reefs to improve knowledge on this marvelous ecological systems and to help setting up educational programs. Many thanks to the companies and TV-stations who produced videos with us and for us, for permission to show part of their videos here.

Page 'Modern Coral Reefs I' presents movies fully produced by Palaeontology Munich and GeoBio-Center at LMU, or directly cooperating scientists.

Page 'Modern Coral Reefs II' presents third party movies, many of which were produced on the occasion of the International Year of the Reef (1997) which for Germany was organized by the Stuttgart-Munich-Reef Group (Note that most members of the Stuttgart reef group 1997 are now working at Munich).

Have fun and enjoy our videos on modern reefs!

Students excursion to the geobiology, palaeontology and geology of the San Andres-Providencia Archipelago (Caribbean, Colombia), Sept. 2001

We did exhaustive educational filming on this splendid excursion.

© Palaeontology Munich & GeoBio-CenterLMU 2002/2003

Filming: Dieter Schmid, Reinhold Leinfelder
Cut, Effects, Sound: Jessica Goldberg, Katja Henßel, Manuela Schellenberger
Compression, Streaming, Alternates: R. Leinfelder

Reefs and Reef Organisms from San Andres and Providencia
8 min. video, with english subtitle explanations and background sound.

Faststart Quicktime downloads

320x240 px (enlarged to 517x373px),
37 MB
(resize movie to normal size in player if you consider it blurred)

240x180 px, low frame rate, 9 MB


high quality for Ethernet connection; datarate 83 KB

medium quality DSL version ; datarate 50 KB/s, 320 x 240 px)

slide-type for Dual-ISDN, datarate 22 KB/s., 240 x 180 px)

high-quality mpg-version also available (82 MB)

25 minute streaming and fast start versions are also available, with extended aerial and underwater views.

More clips from this remarkable excursion:

Click image up for short clip on the underwater world of San Andres (for those whose connection is too slow for streaming videos) .mov, 0:41 min, 2.5 MB

Click image up for short clip on a cave in Pleistocene Reef Rock of San Andres

.mov, 0:31 min, 1.9 MB

Click image up for clip on the fossil (Pleistocene and miocene) reefs of San Andres.

Streaming .mov, for fast Ethernet connections, 6.29 min, datarate 62 KB/s (version for DSL to come soon)
(includes cave clip from up)

Click image up for clip on palaeoseismic features within Pleistocene reef rock of S. Andres

.mov, 2:35 min, 9.6 MB

Click image for our mountain-jungle tour clip
(.mov, 3.8 MB, 1:04 min)
opens as 1,5 size-movie in QT-Player, you may resize it to normal for higher focus.

Click image for the final relax after the exhaustive excursion. Old folks are on rest, whereas students are even more charged with energy ;-)
.mov, 1 MB, 0:21 min).

More video clips from this remarkable excursions are under preparation (fossil reefs, animals...)

The Coral Reefs of San Andres, Colombia, Caribbean, in the Year 1970

10:23 min realtime streaming quicktime movie for DSL or faster (data rate 46 KB/s)

Click image to the right to open streaming movie

(Web compression for this old movie filmed on Super 8 tape is difficult (owing to high video background noise). This is why we need DSL as a minimum bandwith (768-DSL).

New: A fast-start quicktime version
(26.7 MB) with explanation and maps is also available. (click image below)

Many thanks to Jörn Geister for providing this material. © Jörn Geister 1970
Web conversion, cutting, titles and sound mix R. Leinfelder for www.palaeo.de/tv
© Paläontologie München and GeoBio-Center at LMU 2003

This movie shot by PD Dr. Jörn Geister, Univ. Bern, in the year 1970 is a unique, historic document of the healthy state of the reefs at those days. We suggest you compare with the above movie from our Reef Excursion 2002. Both movies include many identical places. The lack of reef fishes and deterioration of reef corals is obvious to anyone.

The fast start version comes along with detailed maps and explanations.

Movie starts with a 3-min clip of the beautiful island of San Andres and its friendly people (including a shot of Jörn Geister who did fieldwork for his PhD-thesis there). The rest of the 10:23-minute represents underwater filming by Jörn Geister and Sid Anderson).

30 Years in the Life of a Coral Reef Site - Reef Station C from San Andres

A slide documentation spanning thirty years of a reef spot in the San Andres Waters! Images and text by Jörn Geister. (click image for slide show)

Methods to study modern reefs

Short clips with material from the reef excursion 2001 and research work in Bocas del Toro, Panamá. Choose from below:

filmed by R. Leinfelder & D. Schmid, cut and production: R. Leinfelder
© GeoBio-Center, Munich, 2001

 Streaming-Version: (for T1 and faster connections). 2.58 Min

FastStart-Version (medium qual. 1.8 mb, 2.58 Min)

FastStart High Quality-Version (7 mb, 2.58 Min)


Reef studies of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago (Caribbean, Panamá)

A working group of Palaeontology Munich (headed by Reinhold Leinfelder) is currently performing geobiological and geological studies in this pristine area. We will soon present video clips from the research field trip 2001.

Comparing modern and ancient:
see our comparative Reefs and Lagoons video-Clip

>> modern coral reefs II

© Reinhold Leinfelder and Palaeontology Munich, last changes 05.01.2008 by R. Leinfelder