From yuck to yeah.

Lars and I have been to Pizza Hut for lunch today. We shared an x-tra cheesy crust spinach/philadelphia pizza. It was the opposite of delicious – neither crusty nor hot nor spicy nor interesting. It was a bland mixture of dough, sugar and fat, so that both Lars’s felt really bad after swallowing the stuff. To our relief we discoverd the 603 qm – the first really nice cafe/lounge that I have been to here in Darmstadt – to be open on Sundays. The prices are very fair (1 € per espresso) and the crowd relaxed and interesting. After drinking a good hot espresso and trying to look as relaxed and interesting as the others we happily made our way back to the Kraftwerk.

November 15th: corrected encoding for Euro sign

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2 Responses to “From yuck to yeah.”

  1. olli says:

    who are you, strange writer…?
    You’re writing “Lars and I” — who are you? You didn’t write your name below the text. I thought this was Lars’ blog! And you can’t be Kerstin either, cause she wasn’t in Darmstadt on Saturday! I’m irritated … Strange strangers around … But don’t mind, keep writing…>

  2. ozean says:

    I am not alone
    …there is more of us!


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