Closing book covers.

Ah well, summertime is reading time. Especially when you are travelling, and most particularly when you are on the deck of a ferry slowly shipping you from Frederikshavn to Oslo, and the weather is fine. Under these circumstances I was finally able to finish some readings which I have begun a significant amount of time ago.
Even before entering the ferry I was able to finish reading The Human Stain by Philip Roth. That was a good book, and, as everybody says, his language is well crafted. I might want to add to that this praise is especially justified because it is crafty without being overly concerned with displaying craftiness. Nonetheless, I wasn’t really gripped by this novel playing in a college setting. It seems I did not really connect to the characters in this book. Even though I do work in such a setting.

In contrast, I was gripped by several of the short stories in the collection of Dostoevsky‘s early stories which I read over the course of the last year or so. The story which I read on the ferry is called A Little Hero. It has a touching romantic ending, and it is both lighthearted and enlightening. A story of the first awakening of love in a boy’s heart.

After finishing this classic work, I embarked on making myself to the spoon – as we say in German. To the spoon? How? By reading the most recent pocket book by Max Goldt: Wenn man einen weißen Anzug anhat. People who know Max Goldt know that the spoonishness doesn’t stem from carrying around a book written by a bad author, instead the spoonishness manifests itself in spontaneous laughing attacks suffered by its readership – evoking raised eyebrows and whatnot in listening range of the poor reader a.k.a. spoon.

And now, I am reading Krokodil im Nacken by Klaus Kordon. A book about a man who wanted to flee from the German Democratic Republic with his family. Much of the story is set in East Berlin, which makes the book an interesting read for me. I will tell you more when I am done reading it (which might take a while, since it has almost 800 pages… ).

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2 Responses to “Closing book covers.”

  1. daniel. says:

    Ah – der Ozean ist zurück. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag. Der weiße Anzug ist sehr gut und zum Krokodil verrate ich nichts, außer daß sich eine Besichtigung im Stasi-Gefängnis in Hohenschönhausen ( sehr lohnt und daß im Gebäude der im Buch erwähnten Omnibuswerkstatt jetzt die Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben residiert (, ein aktiver Berliner Kunstverein mit Ateliers und Ausstellungsräumen.>

  2. ozean says:

    Wie es die Umstände wollen, hab ich das Krokodil auf Grund von Svenjas Führung durch die Kunstfabrik für das Graduiertenkolleg bekommen! Steffen, der auch bei der Führung mit war, hat es mir daraufhin zum Geburtstag geschenkt – eine feine Sache das.
    Vorraussichtlich werd ich das Buch morgen oder übermorgen durch haben, komme derzeit gut voran :)>

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