R tutorial

The R Tutorial is the third part of a three-part blended learning project for empirical methods in linguistics.

The aim of the tutorial on R is to get you started with the R programming language for statistical computing. Episode 1 should give you enough background to follow the tutorial on my R package collostructions (Episode X).

Please also see my Excel tutorial.

(More episode on selected issues under construction. To make suggestions, send me an email.)


Episode 1: R basics (Playlist,  36 mins)

§1.0 — Introduction
§1.1 — Inside R
§1.2 — Vectors
§1.3 — Functions
§1.4 — Data frames
§1.5 — Prepare data
§1.6 — Import data
§1.7 — Advanced data frames

Episode X: R package “collostructions” (Playlist, 22 mins)

§X.1 — Introduction
§X.2 — Install collostructions
§X.3 — Exploring collostructions
§X.4 — collex()
§X.5 — collex.dist()
§X.6 — collex.covar()
§X.7 — join.freqs()