Tabletop centrifuge Sigma 4-16KS equipped with large fixed-angle rotors to purify particle dispersions up to volumes of 3 liters at high RCF values. For smaller volumes, we additionally use a micro centritrifuge WiseSpin CF-10.


Tip Sonicator

For the delamination of chemical processed graphites and the production of single-layered carbon materials with defined particle sizes we use the tip-sonicator Sonopuls UW3200 from Bandelin.



Our laboratory is equipped with a  Nikon Eclipse LV150-NL Light microscope. A LED light source in combination with 20x/50x/100x plan objectives and 3 MP camera. The microscope is the perfect tool for analyzing particle sizes and distributions.


Langmuir-Blodgett Through

For the preparation of closed, single layered films of graphene and its functionalized derivatives on 300 nm SiO2/Si wafer we use a Kibron µThroug system.


For drying aqueous dispersions of carbon nanomaterials we use a Christ Alpha 1-2LDplus.


 Atomic Force Microscope

JPK NanoWizzard Ultra equipped with:

30 µm x 30 µm scanner; x,y-motorized stage, TopView Optic, Kelvin Probe and Conductive AFM module. AC mode and QI advanced mode are available.

The AFM from JPK is a top-scanner controlled by a linux workstation. The cantilever is mounted onto a glass block with an optical access from the top. With this setup it is possible to measure in liquids (water) as well as in air. Either tapping mode oder quantitative analysis mode is available. The latter works with measuring force-distance curves and makes the analysis of mechanical properties possible. The automated table allows using scripts to plan experiments and make statistical analysis from different places. More specialized are the electrical modes, which require other tips or modules. Determination of work function or electrical inhomogeneities of suitable samples is possible.