Blogging on the way to Buchholz.

Yeah! Rock’n’Roll! Right now I’m sitting in the ICE from Frankfurt to Hamburg. The train has already left Hannover behind. I’m driving through the heartland of good old Lower Saxony. Temperatures here seem to be much more in the pleasant range; I would guess something like 21°C (it’s now 20:40h). I’m looking forward very much to arrive back home, drink a fine and cool Malzbier and hang loose. Tomorrow, Kerstin will arrive from Kopenhagen – hooray! This will be a day of Partying! First: welcome girlfriend. Second: Go take a swim in the beautiful river Seeve (probably together with Timo and Berit). Third: Dress up. Fourth: Go to the wedding of Meik and Katja. Fifth: Get drunk. You can probably guess the rest :D
Be jealous, yours truly will soon haunt the world famous Nordheidemetropole!>

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