Could it be better?

It took me a while but now I have seen 8 Mile, directed by Curtis Hanson (who also directed Wonder Boys and L.A. Confidential) and featuring Eminem. I was positively surprised by the funny and witty dialogues. Luckily, there are no special effects and stuff like that – instead it’s a good story with good characters and, of course, lots of good music. Even if you’re not into HipHop or Eminem you could like the soundtrack. There is room for passion and some sex (‘we’ have Kim Basinger and a really gorgeous Taryn Manning in this movie). Fans of sports movies can breathe the same exhilaration they experience before and in Rocky’s final fights when Eminem enters the stage for rap battles against the bad guys. The ending is quite open and un-Hollywoodesque. I definitely recommend this movie, even if the user rating on IMDb is only 6.9 of 10. Check out the trailer.

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