A well chosen movie.

Before I left Darmstadt for the semester break, our Belgian post-graduate college member Dominique gave me a little present which she thought fitting to my dissertation project: the movie Kitchen Stories (original Norwegian title: Salmer fra kjøkkenet.) I was curious why she thought this movie would be fitting – she only said that is has something to do with “observation.” Well, right she was. This movie has everything to do with observation. Not in a scandalous voyeuristic manner, but more in a low key, calm, and very humane manner. It was a lot of fun to watch this movie. It provides a less spectacular insight into mid-twentieth century social science than Das Experiment – a movie which deals with the notorious Stanford Prison Experiment.
This movie is not only recommendable if you like slow movies, have a knack for Scandinavia, and the potential curiosities of the social sciences – this movie is a nice treat in general and I highly recommend it: good actors, excellent story, well done photography.


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