I just checked the hot topics link in the column to the right to see if anyone has commented on any not-immediately-visible entry and guess what I found: someone is spamming my blog with porn links! This is the first time I noticed this, I haven’t even heard that people do this. How I hate that. If you want to check out what happened take a look at these spammed comments. I will remove this stuff tomorrow, so that you have a chance to see yourself (if you want to). Things like this are the reasons why people put disclaimers on their sites, I guess…

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3 Responses to “Scandal!”

  1. daniel. says:

    Oh – that’s why it’s called “hot topics” …>

  2. daniel. says:

    John Gruber at points out, that this seems to be a method to increase their google pagerank, as they consider your blog as “important” and thus links from your page should help improving their pagerank.>

  3. ozean says:

    Yep, flattering in an unflattering way it is.


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