Measures against comment spam implemented.

Most of the time I spent on my blog during the last weeks has been spent removing comment spam. I thought that removing comment spam manually wouldn’t take up that much time but I was wrong. One argument against implementing an automatized solution to this problem was that they often block IP addresses or even ranges of IP addresses. This wouldn’t have been a good solution, since blocking these address ranges would keep other, legitimate users from accessing my blog. After being frustrated by another wave of comment spam I did some more research and found a modified comment plug-in for my blog software (blosxom). This plug-in is based on a keyword blacklist, which is regularly updated. It sounds good and I really hope that it helps keep the comments in this blog spam-free without requiring too much maintenance effort.

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  1. ozean says:

    didn’t work
    Well, this solution obviously did not work. I also couldn’t get any feedback from the plugin’s author, which is why I am currently checking out other solutions. Deleting this damned spam takes away a lot of time, and I really hope to be able to find some kind of working solution soon. Quite the frustrating matter, this is.>

  2. ozean says:

    I finally got some feedback – which mainly consisted in pointing out that I downloaded the old, non-functional plug-in. Well, stupid me… But also happy me, since now it works quite well. (I did not use one of the – very lengthy – blacklists available on the web, instead maintaining my own blacklist which so far only has ten entries.)>

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